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Folding Fall Mat

Product FeaturesHeavy duty dense foam crash mat can be used with standard bed to low level beds. Fol..


High Density Foam Fall Mat

Product FeaturesThe High Density Foam Fall Mats provide additional safety to those in bed with no si..


Deluxe Over Bed / Chair - Table - Twin Top

Product FeaturesThis handy overbed table is ideal for use in the bedroom or the lounge.Features a sm..


Over Bed / Chair Table

These handy and economical overbed tables are ideal for use in the bedroom or lounge to enable user ..


Cot Side Bumpers

The cot side Bumper is used to surround side rails, providing a safe and cushioned barrier for patie..


Cot side bumpers with Mesh Insert

The cot side Bumpers with Net Inserts are designed to fit over side rails, providing a safe protecti..


Standard Extension side Rails

Works in conjunction with the standard extension kitEnables a profiling bed to be extended by 22cm/9..


Height Extension Rail 2-3 Days

Height Extension Rail

Extension rails are available to fit onto existing integral side rails in order to help ensure rails..


Standard Extension Kit Mattress Infill

Mattress infill that works in conjunction with the standard extension kitProduct Specification ..


Wedge Set 900mm

Product FeaturesThe Safety Wedge Set 900mm, provides a safe, firm, sloping barrier to keep the user ..


Fall Savers ® Connect Monitor (FSC)

If you are looking for an All-in-one Falls Monitor for use on a bed, chair or toilet, look no furthe..


Fall Savers® Chair Sensor Pad

Product FeaturesFor patients with limited mobility or dementia, a significant risk of injury may exi..


Fall Savers® Foldable Bed Sensor Pad

Product FeaturesAnti-bacterial foldable bed sensor pad, for use above the mattress. SafePresenc..


TreadNought® Floor sensor pad

Product FeaturesThe TreadNought® Floor Sensor Pad is built to last with a durable construction that ..


Passive Infrared Monitor (PIR)

The Fall Savers® Passive Infrared Monitor uses infrared detection technology to help carers reduce t..